What does Tatooisme means for tattooed people?:

* Aesthetic: the tattoo is considered to be decoration for the body

* Status: Surroundings of the tattooed one (and the tattooed one itself) takes a certain value to the tattoo,

as in the   New Zealand   Maori   the   Tā moko .

* Identification: the tattooed one ,hopes to be recognized on basis of his tattoo, for example after drowning.

This was the usual reason for sailors.

* Medical: the tattooed one hopes to be safe from certain diseases by wearing tattoos.

One suspects , because he was probably suffering from Osteoarthritis ,this was the reason Ötzi was tattooed on his joints.

* Cosmetic:   scars ,   burns   or wine stains   can be made ​​less noticeable by using tattoos camouflage. Or even, getting the breast tattooed after surgery.

Lost eyebrows also can be replaced with tattoos.

* Maturation: In a number of cultures, it is common, for a person, when reaching  puberty ,  to be tattooed.

* A total change in lifestyle,

e.g. to close down a chapter of your life and leave this behind you, and with this tattoo specifying a new beginning for yourself.                                           

Showing that you are changed.

* Memorial:

Some people want “ashes” from their loved one ,to be added into the ink, giving the wearer an extra emotional bond with their tattoo. Sometimes the ashes from a pet is added


The ink is mixed with ,the finely sifted, particles from crematory [2] ashes.   

Tattoos will ensure a faster identification, when found after an accident (e.g. plane crash) etc, Being identified, by your tattoos, makes it possible for your family to receive your remains sooner, and enables them to say goodbye and arrange a proper funeral.


Many elderly people, regularly have,” Do not resuscitate!”, tattooed on their body. More specific indication about something that is a free choice, stating what “to do and not to do” ,couldn’t be more clear when this is tattooed in plain sight.


Tattoos provide camouflage, so you can camouflage an ugly scar etc. So this makes you happier and more confident about yourself.


When there is a setback in someone’s life.

A lot of people take strength from their tattoo and this enables them to hold on, be strong and never to give up.


And of course ,because you like it, it is your life, your body, your right to decide whatever you want do with yourself.(except for playing with yourself in public places!) Having tattoos makes you happy and makes you feel beautiful, just because you like it,.


Even, the most stupid tattoo idea ever thought, of could be a great memory, when done in earlier years , when you were young and reckless, and decided, just for the fun of it, to have a tattoo ,together with close friends. Could be a Great childhood memory!

It ,even, could be something ,to brag about towards your grandchildren, when you’re in a retirement home.