Tatooisme and being discriminated!



People with tattoos are often rejected for a job, especially with tattoos in visible places. While this person could be the most qualified in comparison to the other candidates. And even getting fired, after getting one or finding out you already had a tattoo. Companies with a tattoo policy ... ..Tattoos shall not be visible during work.

As such the government in the Netherlands, clearly described in vacancies,  that people with visible tattoos are not eligible to respond for they are not considered to be representative.


People should not be denied because of racial or religious reasons (such as wearing a headscarf, or having the wrong colour!), according the Constitution of the Netherlands article 1:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constitution_of_the_Netherlands

Specifically describing religion and the colour of someone’s skin, unfortunately nothing specific about tattoos, until now!


By giving a name to the oldest religion in this world and official registration as a religious organization, it was made possible to hold the person or company, who discriminates, accountable for wrong doing, because of the visibility of your tattoo.


Because of religious creeds, and thus Tatooisme, and the feeling tattoos give you, you should not be denied or even be fired from a company over this.

Because by whatever reason you have or want a tattoo that gives you feeling/strength/likeminded people who accept you for who you are and not what you did with your body, only because it doesn’t comply with their standards.

The feeling of getting strength or any feeling whatsoever that someone’s get from their tattoo, is a spiritual feeling, therefore considered to be a Religion. Every religious person should understand the feeling someone’s get from believing in something or someone who makes them feel better. As so, for all of their “own” religious struggles that they endured themselves during the existence of mankind, just because they believe in someone or something, and are not willing to be told that they are crazy, or even stupid/brainless, because of it.


There is more!:


Tattoo artists are being discriminated on several levels:

e.g. Not able to get an insurance. mortgage applications denied etc


we are considered to be a financial risk, just like prostitutes,( this literal statement was several colleagues?).


But also by imposed laws made from discriminating perspective.

In the Netherlands  we are the only profession that is held financially responsible, so they can inspect.  The  literal term as used in the proposal for this law is :”miscreants who mutilate, jewellery stores and beauticians are described in as” decent professions” .... etc etc.



Tatooisme is the only religion that exists that has got some tangible proof ...... and also, way older than which religion anywhere or whenever in this world, which ,apparently, has defended their religion by killing in the name of….

Don’t put the blame on someone’s ink!