What is Tatooisme and the Strength from the Safe Needle, and what does it symbolize? And what does the symbol stands for?

Each and every adult, in this world has got the right to have a tattoo, but also to have this tattoo with their own reason and emotions.

The reasons that people have for wanting a tattoo, goes back to ancient times!

Even older than the Pyramids in Egypt.

A very good example of an ancient tattoos is, Ötzi the Ice-mummy

(For more information about Ötzi visit: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%96tzi   )

And more: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatoeage 

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It is  ,undeniably, a fact that these people had "a reason" for their tattoos!

For you, tattoo-owner and/or enthusiast, in this present time, there is no doubt there’s a reason for your tattoo.



For example: This could be, to close down a chapter of your life and leave this behind you, and with this tattoo specifying a new beginning for yourself.

Name of your new loved one (despite the fact :a tattoo will last longer than a relationship).

Name of your child or grandchild.

Tattooed names are an expression of "love"

But also, to remember a deceased loved one!

The tattoo can give the feeling of processing. Processing of something that gives you a lot of grief!

 Some people want “ashes” to be added into the ink, giving the wearer an extra emotional bond with their tattoo.


But .......

What if, you've just got a tattoo, for this reason, and also with this emotional feeling.

The next day you come to work ... suddenly your job is in jeopardy!

This in itself is a double punishment.

But no comments made, towards (with a lot of respect for) your colleagues wearing a head scarf.


 There will be no comments, made by tattooed people, regarding the tattoos ,other people don’t have!”


 And no comments should be made, after all that same colleague  has got the right to express their religion in their own manner. 

As the same, for people wearing a cross, with the "Lord Jesus", around their neck. 

It’s their right to express their self in this manner and is common and normally accepted. As well as any other religion in this world.(yeah,yeah except Satanism!)

But your expression of something ,in the form of a tattoo, you have an emotional bond with, is to be considered undesirable!!?????

Time for an appraisal .... you’re not functioning normally anymore!

All this for a tattoo!


And what if you get a tattoo, just because you like it.

Your qualities and / or values, does not change, just by applying ink under the skin

It does not cause spontaneous criminal or anti-social behaviour. If there was criminal or antisocial behaviour it is not because of the tattoos, but due to the person himself.

All of a sudden people ,you come in contact with, treat you very differently. Anyway, different than before! Can they still trust you, now you’ve got a tattoo


A very normal reaction is to say, they’re  seeing it wrong ... so now you're too late ... In trying to show that their view is wrong, you automatically have confirmed the bias.


Such a shame eh?

That you could be judged and discriminated,

Only because you have feelings!


But ,shouldn’t you be able to express this feelings?

However, it is very understandable , you will not get a job in a Christian elementary school, wearing devils and other demons in your neck and on your arms and hands.  

On the other hand, it is incomprehensible, that a teacher can’t teach no more, because the tattooed butterfly ,”remembering the recently deceased Grandma”, is showing on the wrist


Tatooisme is believing in the right to wear a tattoo, having your own reason and feelings for taking a tattoo, while not being discriminated due to this tattoo..





In addition, we also believe in the “Strength of the Safe Needle”.


This means that every person has a right to make tattoos!

That he, who makes a tattoo, will do this in pursuit of its best possible result by achieving the desired feeling for the wearer.

But especially, this should be done safe, with passion and understanding of materials ,but most of all, excellent hygiene! "

All this, without persuading and / or misleading with false science, which is inextricably linked with all documentation ,suggesting skills, and approval to work with the necessary equipment,

or any certificates or other imaginable form of approval and / or passed exam / masterclass etc.

Or with a "license" obtained by showing a qualified HealthDepartementClerk, you are able to make a dot in a hygienically manner, which then get advertised because of the approval the tattooing equipment!


“Hygiene is of the upmost importance but not responsible for creating talent!”


To create a better hygiene and safe environments for all people, and believers in Tatooisme, it is of the upmost importance , the authority, provided with doing unannounced inspections for the same

purpose that includes hygienic working and / or hygienically dealing with people, that they are committed to carry out these unannounced inspections, in order of achieving this better hygiene and safety as such ,as a goal.

All believers in Tatooisme nowadays, had this symbol tattooed on their body, for their "own" reasons and giving it their "own" explanation, but without the discrimination in any way you can think of! 

This is what Tatooisme is all about.! 


This symbol, the sign of the Religious Organization the “Strength of the Safe Needle", enabling Tatooisme, to be considered a true and official religion, with the achieved goal ,”that tattooed people should be accepted”, as such, is tattooed into their body, specifying their believe in Tatooisme and are connected to this Religious Organization.



If biased people would read the actual reasons, motivation for why they got a tattoo, they would get change of hearts, and will look at them, as actual living human beings, with feelings and emotion!


To all the tatoo less people in the world,

make the world a beautiful place,

so go get yourself a tattoo,

You just need a little ink!

Color up your life.

Tatoo will give the “inked” answers to all your feelings an emotions.

To ink or not to ink! That's not a question!

It's not a religion, it's a religink.


Ink you very much!

Stained and Received

Lord Sting


(ps: something to give a thought)


Tattooist: he who provides the ink from Tatoo during pray!

Tattooed: receiver of Tatoo’s  ink, preferably by using “the Strength of the Safe Needle”

Tattoo artist: able of inkin’ what the other person is thinking.

I Prayink, He/she Prainks: We prayinked.. To be a Prayinker:

Prayink is the pray done during the tattoo-session,

only by using “the Strength of the Safe Needle”

Be an Inker, not a stinker!

Don’t sink another’s ink!