How long has Tatooisme been around?



Believing in Tatooisme exists for thousands of years:


Tatooisme already existed ,4000 years before the birth of the “Lord Jesus Christ” and therefore the oldest religion ever. With undeniable proof ,this religion has really been around for so long!


"Ötzi" the ice mummy from the Alps, who lived about 5350 years ago, had 59 tattoos. There are tattoos found on Egyptian mummies dating from 2000 BC. The Siberian Ice Maiden wore tattoos. Also in the classics is referred to tattoos in the ancient Greeks, Germans and even more people.


The use of tattooing is as old as the existence of mankind. The Egyptians where tattooing since 4000BC.Many mummies were found tattoos, as a mummy of an Egyptian princess, who appeared to be extensively tattooed and lived 2,000 years BC.


1. The earliest function of tattooing was probably camouflaging his naked body while hunting 1).


2. The decorations were originally used for identification, for example to accentuate a distinction between strains. In some cultures it is believed that the spirit, which after death escapes from the body, an exact replica of that body will be. Therefore they use tattoos as identification in the next world.


3.Michelle Delio testifies: "Tattoos have to do with balancing your own your body, making it a real home and fit temple for the spirit that lives in there. The more symbols I put in my skin, the more I felt at home in my body. I noticed that my body, by regarding it as something I could change at will, on the one hand, less holy, but it is also holy. 

Less holy, because I refused to accept that it was perfectly shaped  in the image of God .

- and holy, because I take care of my body by honouring  it, nourish it and decorate it.


Tattooing is also a way to keep the spiritual and material needs of my body in balance. I am convinced that with a carefully chosen tattoo even can call blessings upon you . Many tattooists, nowadays, state that, they must be, both a medium as a psychiatrist, in their work. 

Some tattoo artists ,in the West, even experiment with ritual practices. That means, among other things, that a ritual must be accomplished, creating a sacred space around the spot where the tattoo is to be applied. Incense is often burned and the gods are asked to bless the process.


"Tattooing is often a magical rite, in the more traditional cultures, and a tattooist is respected as a priest or shaman" (Michel Delio, Tattoo: The exotix art of skin decoration -The exotic art of skin decoration, p. 73).


By engraving, the Greek god Pan (half animal and half human), into her skin, they hoped to recall the spirit of this ancient god in the 20th century. "The tattoos are worn, not only for decorating the body but also your soul. Some believe that you only are recognizable ,due to your tattoo, in the afterlife.



4. With Christians it was common to wear religious symbols on their body.