Is there anyone to be worshiped or  honoured?

Is there some kind of God or something like that in the Tatooisme?

Yes! Tatoo is a God like any other God or any other Greatly  honoured Power, in this world, since the beginning of mankind. But not be like a substitute!

But believing in Tatooisme does not automatically means that you have to believe in "Tatoo".

This is, of course, everyone’s own free choice to do so!

Since the beginning of mankind , tattoos existed.

Therefore, every man has got the "right" to take or make tattoos!

When making a tattoo it is important is that someone really honouring "Tatoo"!

Honouring Tatoo is only possible when this someone is actually an prayink Tattooist, and not just a pigment inserter with dollar bills in their eyes.

A prayinking Tattooist shall take care for and will ensure the honouring of Tatoo, in a perfectly hygienic manner done, providing safety in many ways!

This "safety" can be achieved using  an excellent hygiene during Prayink!

And what exactly honouring Tatoo?

IF there ever were an undeniable feeling, for people all over the world to have reasons or even an urge to get a tattoo.

No matter what era or what continent people come from, or with any religion whatsoever,

For each person there is a first time, and for many a big step! Therefore the chosen tattoo can be very small or even a fashion subject.

This won’t mean very much to someone who “thinks” he/she is honouring Tatoo, but the fact remains this tattoo mans a great deal for the person seeking the strength of the Safe Needle.

If you really want to honour Tatoo, therefore have respect for the dot! Because if the dot is not respected, the sleeve should be rejected!

But who is this Tatoo?

If ever there was an obvious and unmistakable feeling or desire for "something" as such, it is wearing tattoos.

It does not matter where or when someone is living or have lived, or what religion they practice(d).

There is a moment in "your" life (and everyone with tattoos) that a reason came for a tattoo,  it could be determined by the culture and time-era and circumstances where someone lives, to have a tattoo.

This same "reason" is the feeling that is given to people for thousands of years, to express their "own" personality or their "own" culture.

If "Tatoo" ever appeared, is not known, but the fact remains that "Tatoo"  was present for thousands of years. Maybe there are discoveries that were never linked to the God Tatoo or Tatooisme itself. Otzi (the ice mummy) indeed had meaningful tattoos. Any form of documentation was used, ink and needles also.

Therefore, Tatooisme is the oldest, if not, at least as old as any other religion in the world , considered to be oldest. 

With the emergence of religions throughout the world, wherever and whenever, Tatoo was. This Tatoo is inseparable from humanity and their religion.

As long as any religion, wherever and whenever, tattoos were worn .

This means  "Tatoo" was present.

Tatoo gives feelings and reasons to people within all religions and cultures.

 a reason to express their personality and / or strengthening their souls. Or to provide their skin with achieved milestones. Also e.g., assurance : to get the proper funeral after dying during a crusade in the name of their religion,. The tattoo gave the assurance for the tattooed one, so he would arrive on the right place in the afterlife.

Quite positive  !! This Tatoo !!!

On the other hand, the unfortunate truth ,within some religions, it is not allowed to have tattoos.

But, if this not allowed ,no decoration or expression of personality may be inflicted on the skin, it indicates that the existence of Tatoo is not denied.

His ancient presence and influence, is confirmed, just by denying!

Because the presence, during all mankind and took place in so many religions,  Tatoo , therefore will always be respectful towards every “human being” believing any religion

When the world was created or just started to exist, and next to  any other God that exists or has existed, there also was Tatoo!

Are there any prayers to honour Tatoo

The prayer to honour Tatoo will take place during the "Tattooing" and if done safe   and goal is set to give the feeling and experience as desired , by recipient , without deception regarding false skills and without financial profit in mind, you will be honouring Tatoo

 (Ps: While giving The Strength of the Safe Needle" towards the recipient, you should not interfere during a good prayer!)